Big+Bang+TheorySince I have been reading up on the mind and its mechanics and function and practicing meditation , I have on more than one occasion run into the subject of God.

Your God. My god. Everyone’s personal God. Because I think everyone has their own. It’s just that a lot of humans will have the same idea on their God or Gods and get together and create a religion.

I personally believe that there is a “God” because I don’t believe that all we have around us-for light years around us-was just “created” or evolved.

Even if there was truth to the Big Bang Theory, that first ‘point’ had to come from somewhere. That is where a ‘God’ came in.

Maybe the Universe started with a thought.

But from there, it was science for the most part. At least it looks and sounds like science.

Jump ahead to present day. Or at least when I was born in ’67. Since I am talking about me.

I don’t go to church. I have dabbled a few times in my lifetime, but the concept of Jesus and the cross and Easter and all never really rang true with me.

I believe in myself and what I create for myself so I would suppose you could say I am my own god because I control my own destiny.

Why should I give credit to someone/thing else for what I have done or blame someone/thing else for something bad that has happened to me?

So what I do and say is controlled by me. And whatever happens just is.

One of my favorite new quotes is:

“Use your brain. Don’t let it use you”

Get it? You control your brain which controls your destiny. Assuming no one kills you while getting to your destiny.

I could go on to explain further, but if you have read my past blog entries and read what I recommended, you would know. Read or listen to Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Maxwell MaltzĀ  and you will see what has rung true with me. With my own twist, I guess you could say.

I thought up until about an hour ago that I am an agnostic, but reading the definition, I am not an agnostic, either. I am not sure nor do I care what ‘religion’ or version of God believer that I am.

I am just me. Till the day that I die.

Which brings me to my next pondering…

What happens to me when I die?

Not my body. I don’t care about that. That is just a suit. One of which we all vainly service every day, if so interested, to look presentable to the rest of the meat suits.

That is if you are interested in what everyone thinks of you and your meat suit. To some extent, servicing your meat suit would make for better relations with others. Because some are conscious of that kind of thing.

But it is not the meat suit that is important but what resides inside the meat suit.

You could call it your soul. Your energy.


I am not really sure what will happen once my meat suit expires or is squashed or poisoned or whatever. But whatever it is, it is…

We started as nothing, so we could end up as nothing as well.

I could ascend to another Universe or planet with a bunch of other meatsuit-less souls or just be free to roam this Universe sans meatsuit.

But whatever it is, it will depend on me and my thinking right now. At this moment.

Because the past is the past. And the future hasn’t happened yet.

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