IMG_20141030_143232753_HDRI found another article supporting the fact that sun is not bad for you and it seems we are not getting enough of it…or at least the vitamin D we get from the sun.

Hey, I don’t go looking for these articles. They just come to me. But it definitely falls right in line with what I posted here.

While on my latest travels, I met a Medal of Honor recipient, Sal Guinta. Staff Sergeant Salvatore, “Sal,” Giunta was the first living person to receive the Medal of Honor—the highest honor presented by the U.S. military—since the conclusion of the Vietnam War.

I wrote in 2012 on Veteran’s Day of Veteranism…and degrees of veteranism. Sal Guinta is one of the true veterans I was speaking of-with a twist-he is so humble and modest that he gives veteranism a new degree.

I agree with him that anyone soldier should have done what he did. Do I think that what he did would have really been done by any soldier? Not so sure. He saw something bad happen in a time of conflict that was unacceptable and did something about it instead of just giving up and accepting the loss of his fellow soldier.

Or he could have saved this man and tried to live in the lights of his accomplishment for as long as he could. Tooting his own horn, if you will.

I don’t feel that Guinta is like that.

You can read what happened here or you can buy his book. He does a very good job of telling a story and did an awesome job of telling his story to the group who invited him, so I am sure the book would be a good read.

I felt privileged to have met this man.


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