logo1Anyone who knows me knows that I have been looking for my niche. A niche. One I can use to market and make some money on the ubiquitous world wide web.

See, I have always known that I am not one to work a regular 9-5 type job. And I really never have worked a 9-5 job. I really don’t think anyone is meant to. Unless of course that is what makes you happy. Because of course that is what life is all about: being happy. Awesomely happy if possible.

What makes me happy? Many things actually. But to point out just one thing, it would have to be to have a goal and be pursuing said goal. And that goal needs to also be your passion.

That is what makes you awesome.

To be living on purpose. Not by accident.

Because if you have no goal, then you cannot be pursuing it. Which means you are living your life by accident. Not on purpose.

Get it?

So my passion has always been my huskies. Akira and Glacieus.GlacAkira4293

And with that passion, I have found (and acted on) my purpose. And my niche.

Introducing my newest project and ongoing passion.

Custom magnets of your custom pet.

You see, I was walking around one of those  novelty pet paraphenalia stores in Myrtle Beach with my lovely wife one day and saw those neat magnets that say ‘I love my husky’ with a picture of a husky on it and said I would love to buy that magnet for my car, but that is not my husky. I would buy it if there was a picture of MY husky on it.

Because any dog(or cat) lover knows that your dog-or cat-doesn’t look like any other dog or cat because it is yours.

And then the proverbial lightbulb lit up in my head like a thousand suns.

I got one made by my friends at stickylife.com. Here it is…




So if you are a dog-or cat- lover or both, you can get a picture of your custom pet on one of my custom magnets and that way everyone who drives by you will know how cool your pet is and how cool you are for showing said pet.

You know and I know that your pet loves you unconditionally, but your pet will then love you just a bit more.

You can take my word for it.

Custom magnets of your custom pet.

You are most welcome. And thank YOU.

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