einstein-egoA child was once asked “How tall does a tree grow?”

The child would say “As tall as it can.”

An adult would say “Well, what kind of tree is it? What kind of soil is it in? Are there any other trees around it?” and so on and so forth…

That’s the ego talking. Trying to complicate everything. Ego is the voice in our heads that instills judgment, fear and-worst of all-self judgment into our heads. It grows from about 5 years old absorbing its environment-nature and nurture- until it can grow into a very dangerous object in our heads depending on our upbringing and life paths we take and/or guided to.

But ego is not us. You are not your thoughts. You are ‘you’.

Ego doesn’t have to be a strong overpowering entity to deal with, but it does have to be dealt with. Depending on who you think ‘You’ are, ‘You’ could be considered an phenomenon, your ego could be considered an epiphenomenon.

I am almost finished with my latest conquest of a book called “The Self-Aware Universe“. It’s a fascinating book and surprisingly it was written 20 years ago. I guess I had some catching up to do.  I had a hard time keeping up with the quantum mechanics parts but I was really intrigued when the author started talking about ego. My ego, your ego…the collective ego. Which made me think about how many articles/websites/blogs are about removing/killing/losing your ego. Is it possible? Yes. Should it be possible? Yes. Should you want to do it or want it done? Again yes.

Actually, I would think that no one could ‘get rid’ of your ego but ‘You’.

So I think I got the point across about the ego. It has been around since the dawn of time but is not needed anymore so it makes itself useful to feel employed and important by ‘keeping you safe’. Holding you back. Littering your mind with doubt and fear.

So back to the tree. Trees(I would think) have no egos. They just grow as tall and as large as they can. If they did have egos, they may just end up tiny little bushes.

Humans are the same way.  They may never rise to their full potential because they are holding themselves back. Not taking risks. You could say that fluoride is food for the ego, but that is a whole separate blog article, but I have mentioned fluoride issues in our environment as far back as 2011

My point is this: You should educate yourself further. About whatever interests you. Don’t sit in front of the television-grow and conquer your ego so that you can grow as tall as a Redwood. You want to get better. Every day. One step at a time. It is important for your life and future to always have forward motion.

Once you step back and LISTEN to your ego, you will understand how important it is to be aware. To be aware is to be in the present moment of your life. Just where you should be. Getting better. Not in the you were flu-sick sense, but mind sick sense because you would NOW  be IN CONTROL. Making your life easier as once you are aware, life will get easier.

Because to make life easier, you have to get better.




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