negativityWe all know how magnets work. They work through attracting opposites. The rest of the Universe does not work like that. The rest of the Universe works with like attracting like. Positive attracts positive and negative attracting negative. Which also means that positive people are drawn to positive energy. And, well, you get the picture.

Honestly, I don’t even like to say the word too much-that nasty other n-word that can tear people’s lives apart.

We may think that negativity is something other people have but the truth is you may not even know that you are being negative. It can be so much part of your psyche that it goes unrecognized which means it can have free reign on everything you think and therefore do and what happens to you.  Sometimes you will call negativity ‘reality’….do enough of that and you will believe it. Chances are that you already do. So you don’t try to do stuff-like act on a dream or a vision because you just can’t see a good ending to that dream materializing…

It’s sad, really. One can ask why. Why did the human develop like this, constantly holding itself back? We know how it happens, but why does it happen?

Part of the problem is that negativity can be contagious. It’s all around you. In the news, especially. But people can suck you into their negativity because negativity is so much easier that positivity because of the abundance of it.

The good thing is that we don’t have to live like this.  We can’t all be negative and self-punishing because nothing would ever get done. Some humans for whatever reason just don’t develop like this. Their parents or whoever is raising them may teach the human different and better. Or maybe the humans have such a terrible beginning of life that just one day something clicks in their head and the ego and negativity lose control and said humans thrive and build and grow to be leaders or invent something life changing for all.

If you meet someone like this, you bless them. You praise them. You thank them.  Because that is positive. To envy them or to downplay and criticize would be negative.

So ask yourself this: Why does ‘being realistic’ have to mean things won’t go right and that you have to accept that?

Well, if you are at your core a negative person, then ‘being realistic’ is having a negative outlook, sadly.

I think the most important thing about this blog topic is this: Now that you know that you have a problem is as it is now identified, you can fix it.

Ultimately every single thing that happens to you is your responsibility-every single thing.

But with the right mindset, you can change your whole world so that life happens FOR you.

Sure, a positive human isn’t going to get EVERY single thing that they want. But still they accept every single thing that happens and doesn’t whine or complain about it which keeps things in a positive energy…therefore attracting more positive energy to said human.

So it seems to me that finding out how to be positive as much as humanly possible, benefits you in that you can follow your dreams and goals and they will actually happen.

And negativity can just move right on along.

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