indianSo it may seem like I have decided to take the month off. Perception is everything, right? Well, I have been busy doing what it seems is my passion. Enjoying new experiences.

But anyways, it also seems-what with Isis really out there doing some terrible crap- that we have a big issue to cover: Refugees-do we take them in or not?

My thoughts? We need to take care of our own first. The homeless, the disabled, the veterans…our homeless disabled veterans.

And with our own still not taken care of with shelter and food and a job, why do we need to be bringing in more humans.

There are some out there who TOTALLY disagree with me and state that it is our duty as fellow humans to care for them.

Did I mention that we don’t take care of the Americans here now?!?

Plus just to bring up another subject that may be a possibility-how about maybe-just maybe-some of these refugees may be Isis. I don’t like going there. But it is a possibility. A possible attack from the inside.

Boy, that would really make us look like idiots.

Somewhere I read that a human heart will support itself over anything else. Other organs will shut down for the heart to continue to beat and take care of the other organs that continue to thrive. that is a very loose translation of what I heard but I would like to think you get the point.

I am not sure if the refugees are even still in the news because I don’t watch the news. It would be just like this country and our government to spin the news to something entirely different and we forget alll about the refugees while refugees are still being brought in by the plane load.

So, in closing I would like to say we should stop meddling with the rest of the world’s problems and take care of what needs to be taken care right under own noses.

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