egosoulI have seen a tremendous amount of traffic to my post recently from back in July called

Ego and Easiness.

I am thoroughly grateful for that site traffic and the idea that maybe I am helping some people from my reading and experiences. I even had one reader who expressed the need for some guidance in ‘overcoming’ their ego.

I am sure that person is not the only one. I personally am still working on that myself. But I have just started seriously working on it. I wish I had started a lot sooner. I learned some by reading up on other people’s opinions and ideas on how to eradicate ego. But what I really learned is I am still not totally sure what ego is. What I think it is the most is ego is just a concept. It is a bunch of thoughts. Past thoughts/experiences that try to shape your life by keeping you safe and not letting you move forward by trying new things. But again, I read a lot of ‘ideas’ of what ego is. I will refer to one of my favorite sayings:

Opinions are like assholes are like resumes…everybody has got one.

What I read the most of is to not give your ego power.  Not to acknowledge it as something negative and damaging in your life because then you are resisting and what you resist persists.

That seems like the best answer to the ego. Just let go of it. Don’t resist it. Just observe and be an outside observer of it. Then you are not giving your ego power over you.

That seems like the best advice about a lot of things, as far as I am concerned.

Just let go.


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