On-the-corner-of-Pleasure-St-and-Pain-AveI read an article a few weeks ago that really sparked my interest and I wanted to share it with you-my way.

I love learning and experiencing new things including reading different opinions on something. Keeping an open mind and listening makes me feel complete in a way. More aware, I guess.

So the author/blogger is Mark Manson. I ran across this article and just had to share and give some input.

Because everyone has an opinion, an asshole, and later in life, a resume.

What I basically ‘got’ from his article is this: You can’t live a pain free life. But what you do is choose the pains you want to endure by what you intend as your end goal. If you can’t deal with said pain in whatever endeavor, then apparently that endeavor is not really what you want.

How profound…

He gives the analogy of the fantasizing of being some awesome rockstar guitar player when he was a youngster, but at the end of the day, he didn’t really do anything to make that happen.

Oh well. That sucks. I guess he really didn’t want it.

Wow. Another profound epiphany.

Too much?

How about this one. Bodybuilders are another good example. It hurts to have those huge frigging cut muscles. The diet is crazy. The hours you spend lifting weights and then the rest of your day consuming calories?….it’s crazy. But that is what those humans want to do. So what? Let them. That is what makes them happy.

The point is that those pains are not really pains to them-unless they just have some sado-masticistic thing going on but they also have hemophobia so they can’t cut themselves-but I think not likely.

I absorbed on one of my CE classes the best way to reach your happiness and personal success is to do what you like, do it to the best of your ability, and have no expectations.

That about covers it. Happiness is your main goal. And if the pain is doing what you like and it brings you happiness, then the pain is pretty much not important, or just not recognized as pain.

I think you get the point.

Hey, maybe his point is that if you think of all that struggle as painful then the end goal/pleasure will be that much sweeter and more substantial.

Like lots of pain, lots of gain.

It’s all about perspective. If you are looking at what you are doing as a struggle, then that is exactly what it will be.

And if that is what makes you happy, then I am happy for you.

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