6a01156e439be2970c0168e67c17c3970cTwo possibly new definitions for you…or at least maybe a new realization in this context:

Equanimity:mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper, especially in a difficult situation.

Exuberance:the quality of being full of energy, excitement, and cheerfulness.

In my ‘following’ of Sadhguru, I relearned of this.

I say relearned of this because I knew the words and their meaning in my life but fail to properly exercise them. I profess, in my opinion anyways, to be sufficiently in use of the former but not so much of the latter.

I will say that the biggest sorrow is when someone is in knowledge of a principle or skill but doesn’t actually put said principle or skill into practice in that they actually improve their lives with it.

Why is that?

From someone on the outside watching, there would be no reason but insanity or laziness or both. Unless you have sound education of how the mind works, then things make a bit of sense.

Said bellwether with said skills lives a sad life of hebetude and will not get far with just the knowledge of the skills alone. They must be both equanimous and exuberant as a daily enjoyment of life, using feedback loops as your multiplier. Making those two words’ meanings a habit everyday, along with gratefulness, to make your life experience shine and thriving.

So why don’t they?

Simple. They are not in control of their lives.  They are not in the moment. They continue to be victims of themselves, victims of society and the conditioning of everything around them.

Do you practice the above? Or do you practice the below?

Live your life like you mean it. Live your life because you can control it. Live your life because you can create it.


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