satan_02The article I am about to refer to is just over a year old, but I was just made aware of it, so if you have heard of it, my latent apologies. If not, prepare to be awakened a bit.

There are retail store brands out there with their own brand of supplements who are selling fraudulent and possibly hazardous supplements to the public.

Fraudulent is the easy part here. They are not selling what they say is on the bottle. When I say possibly hazardous, I mean there are ingredients in the bottles, not openly said to be ingredients that may harm people with an allergy to said ingredient.

Less than a quarter of 4 major retail chains’ supplements contain what is supposed to be in the bottle. They just contain cheap fillers such as soy, asparagus, rice and houseplants.


I am not going to go through the whole article here, but suffice to say that just when I think I have heard all of what humans are willing to do to another to make a buck, I am amazed again. I just cringe.

This is why they say the that money is the root of all evil. It’s not true of course because money can do so many other awesome things, too. But hearing of this crap…it just sickens me. This is plain heinous deception and it goes all the way up to our political leaders who get millions of lobbyist dollars to quash legislation toughen standards on the manufacture and sales of supplements. Which means said leaders are also not only part of the problem but just as much a criminal as the ones actually perpetrating the deception.

The Flint, Michigan water crisis of which you may have heard of in the news recently is similar to this. The Flint, Michigan local government actually let water get poisoned through inaction on their part that lead to what can be called toxic waste, nuerotoxins and poisons get channeled into the Flint, Michigan water supply. There were warnings sent out by the EPA and these warning were ignored. Ignoring meaning not only not fixing the issue but not telling the public about the issue.

The Flint government actually had the audacity to say ‘well, the EPA didn’t do anything either!’


I am absolutely sickened.

Why so we let this happen to each other? I know how it happens, but why? It absolutely baffles me.

I am not one to complain, usually. Anyone who knows me can tell you that. But one thing that I do not like above all else is how humans hurt and deceive one another on an ongoing basis for profit. Or more profit. Or maybe God forbid, just laziness! Especially when such deception and pain comes from our own elected officials.

Why can’t we all just take care of one another? It’s one thing to have criminals out there who hurt and rob, etc others, but they do that basically on a one person to person basis. The type of evil, criminal behavior I just spoke of is practically genocide. We have enough killing us off without having to worry about ourselves, too.

Pay attention, people.

There is an evil-multiple devils-out there trying to deceive and/or kill us off for fatter wallets.

Maybe some accountability?



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