ME_235_Worldly-AttachmentsAttachment is the emotional dependence we put on things, or people, with some degree of our survival interwoven into this precious thing we hold so dear.

So basically you are dependent on that thing to make you happy.

That is really not a good idea.

And the thing is is that when we lose said thing, we have vociferous chatter in our heads whining about we have lost and how things aren’t going our way.

You should move on….and get yourself into a position where you are not dependent on things. And be grateful that the thing you just ‘lost’ is one less thing you have to worry about getting rid of.

That’s a nice spin, right?

A good way to alleviate the anarchy in your head.

Your happiness should be you. Not what is going on outside you.

Oh, sure, you can have kids and a husband or wife to help you be happy or ecstatic or orgasmic, but you need a ‘base’ of happy inside of you and build from there.

A good place to start I think.

Being in that place of happiness snowballs inside and then OUTside of you if you have that base happiness established inside of you. Happiness practically multiplies and then multiplies exponentially. Then other awesome things just fall into your existence.

So don’t rely on anyone but yourself to be happy. Then you will become ecstatic.

It really just a decision to make. Don’t complicate it.

All you have to do is be happy and move forward. Look for your purpose and then live it.

We are all here to have an aeonian happy life or better. Whoever you worship didn’t put you here to suffer.

And if you do think that you were put here to suffer, then I suggest you find someone/thing else to worship.

If you don’t want to be happy, then I can’t help you. I will be moving on.

But I would love for all of us to be happy together.

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