asea-once-thought-impossibleWe make choices every day. A lot of them consciously, a lot more unconsciously.  What I would like to talk about are the choices we make when we learn of something new. Someone may tell you about something so outstanding and life changing with an invitation to share and you turn them down. Why? Because the new is something different and new and different scares you. Never mind even looking at it. This is an unconscious choice because your conscious choice would be to jump in with both feet.  You may be getting guided towards a bold, enlightening new opportunity but ultimately you have to be the one to make that jump-to make that conscious choice.  You have to make that conscious choice. Somebody made a conscious choice when they accidentally discovered what would later be called Asea. This discovery has and will continue to benefit everyone on this planet who makes the conscious choice to realize the power of Asea.

So with realizing that you have these conscious choices, you have chances. Chances to make your life better. A chance to make your life healthier. A chance to make your life bolder and more fulfilling. Once you hear about and take Asea or use the Renu, you will understand it’s power and what chances Asea can give you. The chance to advance your life. The chance to build your future the way you want to. A man named Verdis Norton realized Asea’s potential and took a chance with it and thousands of people have benefited from this chance he took.

When you take these chances, you make changes. You turn your life into a wonderful purposeful life helping people and help them make choices to take chances to make changes, too.

For one to make a choice they have to have to be informed of the choice: Are you willing to change your life with Asea? Are you willing to make the conscious choice to take a chance to tell more people about Asea so they also have that conscious choice? With the choice of yes, they can now take a chance. This leads to the change. And they will be grateful for it.

So make a choice to take a chance to make a change in your life.

What do I suggest? Make a choice to take a chance and try Asea to see all the awesome changes that will happen in your life firsthand.

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