entrepreneurship-1200x675Whatever you do, make a difference. Earn the right to look back at something and say, ‘I did that.’

Have an impact, Make a difference.

Chances are that you are not going to get that from a ‘traditional’ type job. Blue collar, white collar, sales jobs. Plus you are but a cog in a wheel somewhere, making someone else money. And as long as there are humans out there who are unambitious and/or just plain lazy other successful humans will continue to make money off of their efforts. At this point,you have a job. But for how long? While you are working, there is someone else out there trying to automate your job.  McDonalds and Panera, for example and others have computerized order systems to lessen the amount of interaction and need for of humans.

Heck I saw a machine outside of some strip mall the other day that waves signs. Not even sure what it was for…just noted that it was another human job gone.

My point is that no job is entirely safe out there. You can be replaced by another human or a machine. The only constant is change so you have to be ready and/or impervious.

Some humans out there are perfectly content just making a difference working for a charity or Non profit because they know that they help fellow unfortunate humans and that is all that makes them happy. And I am happy for them.

But I wouldn’t be satisfied.

If you are ambitious enough and you have chosen the path of starting a business and it has been successful, congratulations. I applaud your focus, strength and tenacity. Of the people who start a business from scratch, a small percentage are totally successful. The hours and money and sacrifice can be tremendous. They say you just need to find a niche and fill it. It can happen. But you need those skills just mentioned and the resources i.e. money, talent and awareness to make the business successful.

And lets talk about retirement for a second. If you don’t build a company that can support your retirement or you don’t work for a company that will give you a good pension for retiring on, what will you do? You can’t depend on your government to take care of you . That is for sure.

You are responsible for what happens to you, no matter what. Once you become an adult, and most times before adulthood depending on your upbringing, you are always responsible 100% for what happens to you. You have to look at it that way or you won’t completely take care of yourself and rise about the anarchy of life. You will just be a victim to this anarchy. If something tragic happens to you (like losing a bunch of money from stock crashes or your 401K or God forbid some life altering injury) you are still responsible for adapting and overcoming said challenge and be the best you you can become. To become as little of a burden on anyone else you can become and as productive as possible. Constantly making forward motion…even if just one little step at a time.

So we have already talked about ways you may possibly not thrive in life, how about ways you can? Because one thing I am geared to is presenting a challenge with a solution.

Enter MLMs. Multi level marketing. Network Marketing. Pyramids.

Did I forget any?

First of all lets just state that ALL companies AND our government is a ‘pyramid’.

Network marketing is the best way companies can sell their product or service, hands down. It is performance driven. Just putting a billboard up is not going to sell your product for you or radio commercial or TV without advertising costs which may make it just not cost effective enough. It won’t educate people to what your product/service is best at and why it is better than others. That is a human job. Network marketing fits the new economy. Companies just have to provide all the corporate support and pay distributors on a performance type basis. No employees who are just there to make a buck to sit on the clock in a brick and mortar store.

So as an entrepreneur (i.e. someone who is not satisfied with themselves and want to become a better human) you can receive all the benefits of a traditional business ownership without the typical risks or talents needed to make money. Plus there will be no caps to income because the product/service company you are a distributor for  WANT you to sell as much as possible. And they generally offer bonuses and ‘perks’ to sweeten the deal of distributing for them.

What is wrong with that?

Nothing is wrong with that.

But the PROBLEM with that is two things. And they both come from OTHER HUMANS.
#1 There are humans out there that were/are way too aggressive and sometimes untruthful to try to sell their product/service. These humans are like pop up ads on a computer. They are just annoying and affected humans are just going to shut the pop up down and move on and if the pop up comes back enough they will get upset and possibly angry at said ad and vow never to get whatever the pop up was about. These humans are scaring potential customers off and giving network marketing a bad name.

#2 You must accept a temporary loss of social esteem from humans. Humans who may have no drive in life and are just living their lives in the ‘old’ system will think you are crazy for getting involved in this type of marketing. And, as Eric Worre continues to state, you must go above accepting and ’embrace’  this loss of social esteem. These people are not getting prepared for the future. THEIR future. YOU ARE.

Because for life to get easier, YOU have to get better.

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