Ran acrost this article that further represents and explains our present national debt. I found it humorous and ironic that Republicans are trying to put all of this on Obama. I am not an Obama fan, but blaming his presidency? Really? Read the article. You will see what I mean.

So who am I for do you ask? I am a Paul supporter. I don’t think either Dems or Repubs should have control anymore. They should step aside and let a new outlook be put in place. I would like to see the Fairtax given a chance as well. The current government structure has run this country into the ground. Well into the ground as far as debt is concerned.

So what are we waiting for? We. The People. The Americans. The ones that the Dems and Repubs are supposed to be working for? We should be wake up and TELL them that we want something different before it is too late and they ruin our future, this country, this planet. How do we do that? Get Ron Paul in there and never mind all this political bullshit. Lobbyists should all be tarred and feathered along with anyone on Wall Street who is shortsighted enough to not be for ALL of America and not their own pocket lining.

And finally, one of the most gorgeous women on this planet(after my illustrious wife, of course) is now a Knight!! Yes, Salma Hayek the magnificent Mexican Madame herself, has been praised in a way that many are not too happy about. I know I am fine with it. Because she is!!!

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