If you have been watching the news, listening to the radio then you know you cannot get away from the caucuses. And you shouldn’t. This is important stuff. We should be active. And we should be active for one man. The only Man we can trust to govern this country. Ron Paul.

And you will not be alone!!! He is the the man who can set this country free from all the crap that we endure with our current president and the presidents before him. Democrat or Republican, they are all the same. They have their own agenda.

Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.

There are a lot of Americans out there who have woken up from the insanity and backed Ron Paul. Insanity is killing this great country and we the sheeple, the insane are letting it happen.   We need to do more for Ron Paul.

According to this article from the New American, Ron Paul is doing rather well. In Iowa, he was third after Romney and Santorum, and not by far.  In NH, he was second after Romney. So Paul needs your support to put him over the edge.

Do you want to change this great country? Do you want to get it fixed? Then vote Paul. He has been doing running for President for a long time and the only thing holding him back is us. He has not stopped trying and won’t because I think he loves this country more than us. His dedication to the USA proves it.

I am not gonna talk anymore. I will talk more later. Watch the video Below.

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