PeriodicTableMutedIt occurred to me the other day that with all the new and unusual names humans are tagged with at birth nowadays, there is one source that has not been tapped yet.

The Periodic table…

So here is my take, if you will, on how well these tags would work…

So, starting from the top:

  1. Hydrogen-nope
  2. Helium-nope
  3. lithium-go0od for music, not for humans
  4. berylium-Berry for short maybe?
  5. Boron-too close to boring
  6. Carbon-to say that you are the basis for all life as we know may be pretty big shoes to fill
  7. Nitrogen-nope
  8. Oxygen-same as carbon, pretty lofty name(get it?)
  9. Flourine-


I am not going to go through all 109 elements..I am just not.

I will give you my opinions on which I think would be good baby tags(names) and which would be not-so-good.

Cobalt is kinda cool and would be a cool name, I think.

Arsenic? Not so good.

Xenon? That’s not too bad.

Astatine…that has potential.

Basically let’s just say that any names that don’t have ‘ium’ at the end might be good.

All right. Done with this brain fart…

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