quantum-physicsI have discovered a new source of cool brain info that has turned out to be pretty damn interesting. The doctor who has brought said info to me is Dr. Mark Waldman who is one of the world leading experts on communication, spirituality and the brain.

Well, he did not bring said info to me personally and I did not search him out personally, either…

But he has authored 12 books one of which I am working on now called How God Changes The Brain. This book is one of Oprah’s picks and also fits right in what I am into which is both the clinical brain and how it operates and the spiritual brain (or just spirit) and how it operates.

When I say clinical, I mean physical. How our brain physically operates as far as our thinking and consciousness and how our leading doctors interpret this science and how we are forming our happiness(or unhappiness) and creating our reality   And by spiritually, I mean how our brain(or we) operates in relation to the rest of the universe and its inhabitants, including the discoveries in the late on quantum physics and/or separately the religions surrounding us.

Yes, spiritually can also have the connotation of religion, if you are religious, with Jesus and such. I can only bring the subject of christianity up because I know the most about it. I know that there are many other ‘belief structures’  i.e. religions on this planet that believe differently and which may have many Gods. Those ideas of religion, I think don’t do my clinical and spiritual blather any justice. So are they correct, or am I? I am probably a bit partial to my beliefs, but I am seriously leaning to mine. But I am also not going to argue with you on that because I believe that this is still what you digest ergo what you believe.

Which is what I am talking about there. Your beliefs.

What I don’t really fully comprehend is how these two topics-the clinical and spiritual brain/bodies-fully meld as far as happiness and success…or if they do at all. So I am assuming (hoping) a book called How God Changes The Brain will address that.

This monologue would also bring up the concepts of evolution vs. Adam and Eve. I believe there is a “God”, but what I don’t understand is what this God is. Or what said God is in relation to us.

Maybe this God did create Adam and Eve and all of us are actually long lost cousins. Or maybe we are from the dinosaurs and the beginning was with the cavemen and such. There seems to be evidence of both the religious and Darwin methods dug up out there.

There is also evidence of some other interesting theories out there with aliens (from other planets) having something to do with our past and our evolution. I guess if one was small-minded enough to a) think only this planet has life on it and b) we were the only intelligent ones, then said alien theories would be hard to swallow. But how much harder is it to swallow what we have been fed over the centuries anyways, really? I mean as far as the religious ‘stories’ we were raised with as far as our origin. And if there were visitors from other planets who came to us and helped with our technology and such, why have they not returned, for whatever reason?

That would make me wonder if they ever left.

I don’t think or want to think that of this whole Universe, earthlings are the only ones here. The odds are just not there. Which leads to the questions brought up above…

And said aliens, at the end of the day, would be made from the same ‘stuff’ that we are.

Anyways, back to Earth…

I am at a loss at what I truly believe about how I am here,on this planet living/existing and what surrounds me, but I do believe we are at bit more than just flesh and blood. We are much more than that. This is what I am trying to learn, definitively. The deeper I dig and the more I learn, the more certain I am that we can do a lot more than we know we are capable of and we just have not been supplied at birth with this great knowledge. Or we did have said knowledge at birth and we ‘unlearned’ it through the conditioning of our parents and surroundings impressed upon us.

Depending on our upbringing, of course.

How did the human beings come about that had absolutely nothing during their younger years build themselves up to be ‘somethings’ with their own moxie and fortitude? These humans found a purpose and followed it to their greatness. Sure maybe some of those success stories were ‘accidents’ but how do the rest of us even know that? What about humans such as Edison and Tesla and Einstein and Waldman(just to name a few) who did so much for us as a race as a whole do so with their radical thinking and knowledge? How were they so blessed?

Therein lies the question. Are we here on this planet just to do stuff or are we all here to be stuff? I do not believe we are called human ‘beings’ by accident…

Coincidences…ah…is there really such a thing?

More on all this later, I am afraid. Or unfortunately, depending on your perspective. In the meantime, I found this e-book Waldman put out-more on the clinical side- that was pretty educational to me. The E-book is called 10 Mindblowing Discoveries About The Human Brain.

I figure I would give my interpretation of it. Mainly because I needed more blog fodder and this is how I learn: Reading and digesting and spitting back out in my perspective,if you will, and reading again. 10 facts about how we think, function, interpret with our brain which may help you learn how to make your life a bit more bearable. Not saying bearable is a negative word…I am just a bit facetious from time to time…

This dialogue turned out to be more questions than definitive answers, just so you know. For me, anyways.

But the answers are there, just the same. Answers which can help you think the way I believe we were meant to think, despite our handicaps. Handicaps given to us for whatever reason.

The thing is that once you read this e-book, you will be given answers to things you may have been asking yourself. Or questions you may have not even thought of yet or things you did not know you had the power to change about yourself.

Maybe the questions I asked in this monologue will enlighten you, as well. I certainly hope so…

Here is a link to said e-book. I believe you will see it as fascinating.


Once again, you are very welcome.

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