oxytocin-crying-babyIt occurred to me that while babies are in their infancy and have not started moving around on their own yet that there is not much they have to worry about in the unpleasantness realm. They are taken care of as far as feeding and waste elimination and attention which can be in the form of a continuous doting…

Which leads to one thing for said baby that cannot be avoided: the in-your-face adult that wants to do the old googoo-gaga with you and they just had some sort of human food that had onions and/or garlic in it and maybe even an after meal cigarette.

Menthols do not make the sick situation any more pleasant.

The baby is trapped and cannot get away from the noxious fumes you are spewing on them, not even counting any heavy use of the letter H…probably the worst letter in the alphabet for the infant which cannot even speak yet.

So I call for an awareness of NO baby doting until AFTER proper dental hygiene or at least a frigging Mentos.

The little tyke would appreciate a little fresh maker at that point in its life.

Remember that episode of Andy Griffith show where Aunt bee couldn’t hold whoever’s baby it was because the baby would immediately start crying? I am thinking that was halitosis. Old lady halitosis. Maybe even denture creme halitosis…

Unfortunately, halitosis does start with the letter ‘H’. Coincidence? I think not.

So remember that before you start playing with that baby to spare them your breath stench. Brushing and flossing before every baby handling is imperative to growing children without already having a chip on their shoulder…

Maybe that is why kids are the way they are today…

This message brought to you by the Wees Against Active Halitosis (WAAH) Association.


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